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Slipping Into the Water

This is the final official post that will be made to the Orcmid’s Lair blog at location http://nfocentrale.net/orcmid/blog.

The site feed will also be interrupted.

From now on, all posts will appear at the official Orcmid’s Lair URL, http://orcmid.com/blog.  The official site feed is also the one that is assured to always work.

You will know that you are at the old blog location if you see no post more recent than this one, neither on the web page or in the site feed.

PS: Sometime in the next few weeks, the old URLs will be moved atop the new, official ones and either set of URLs will work just fine.  For a while.  But the official ones will always work.  You shouldn’t be using the old ones.  Really.

[update 2006-10-28-15:55 This reposting of the post already seen on the old web page and site feed is being made to confirm that Blogger is now correctly posting to the official site and its site feed.  There have also been some setting changes that will be developed more fully after the change-over is confirmed.]



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