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Facebook Applications: Photos

Facebook allows me to create unlimited photo albums.  There is also a way of tagging a Facebook photo so that it shows up as a photo of any Facefriends that I identify it as.  I like that idea, and I wanted to try it out because I have a few photos of Kaliya and other Facefriends I could share.

Because my photos are on Flickr, and I prefer them there (so they are visible to anyone, not just Facebook members).  Flickr requires that images served from Flickr have a link to their source.  If I can share them into Facebook that way, that would work the best for me.

This is also an opportunity to noodle around and look at all of the little applications that the Facebook API has made possible.  Of the 284 applications that are there right now, 28 of them are related to photos.  Exploring those, I even found out that lolcat is a serious matterWho knew?  Something tells me that I am now so removed from popular culture that I can't even do TV Guide crossword puzzles any more.

I found one Facebook application that lets me select the individual Flickr photos that I want.  This feature is seen as a limitation by others, but the way Flickr Photos works is exactly right for me.  It makes use of the Flickr API to do a sort of web-service arrangement that pulls links to the photos on Flickr.  That's all right, but they are not the same as being in a Facebook album, so I can't tag them with Facefriends links.  It seems that I can't get what I want without uploading copies of the photos (which are mine to do that with) up to Facebook.  At this point, that seems a lot easier than learning how to make a Flickr application that works the way I want.  But not so easy that I am starting right away.

I also haven't quite figured out exactly who I am dealing with and what the intermediary application is.  I do know that I must make my profile information available to the application, without any restrictions.  This leads to identity proxy issues as well as unnecessary disclosure.  I guess we need Kim Cameron, Ben Laurie and Stefan Brands to the rescue here.

I want this feature! Any luck finding it in the 20 some new "flickr" apps?
I was surprised that this post would be spammed (twice by the same party) offering Facebook Application development services. But then, what's not to be surprised about.

I am deleting all such spam, just as I delete the in-box spam that offers me web site design.
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