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ODF1.2, My Movie Plot Defanged

I need to clean up some things about yesterday's post, "ODF 1.2, Hijacked by OO.o?" 

In that post, I made much over not knowing what ODF 1.2 is and what the changes are from earlier ODF specifications.  I found this disturbing when coupled with the support for ODF 1.2 advertised as part of OpenOffice.org 3.0 beta's public availability.

Thanks to a speedy comment by Rob Weir, I now know where there is a complete account of the work toward ODF 1.2, including the accepted proposals for that version, on an OpenDocument Technical Committee Wiki page.  This material is completely public.  It is also a great demonstration of the kind of open, transparent conduct that we need more of among standards-development activities.  I'm pleased to see this.

I have updated the original post.

I continue to harbor concerns about confusion around file-name extensions and that leading people to expect compatibility with OpenOffice.org or simply treating OO.o as the bona fide standard (implementation).  I think it matters, in this regard, how any (document-format) standards are crafted, although it is not entirely in the hands of standards-development organizations and their technical committees.

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