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2008-08-28-17:28 -0700

A running diary and job jar on Incident X040901 




  2004-09-10 Page X040901F needs to be worked up on how I recreated the feeds
done 2004-09-10 Provoke regeneration of the Professor von Clueless Atom Feed so that entries with degraded permalinks are updated by ones with the desired permalinks.
done 2004-09-10 Based on the outcome of the previous item, determine whether it is necessary to do forced updates of earlier items to ensure that feed entries are replaced for my subscribers. [dh:2004-09-10 I had to splice two feeds together, and it still didn't provoke updating everywhere in my newsreader]
done 2004-09-10 Check the Orcmid's Lair Atom Feed to see how far back updates to the correct entry permalink form have been generated. [dh: The "All Clear #1" message was the last one in the new Atom Feed.  NewsGator only showed duplicate entries as unread for those posts that had not been published correctly so far.  So all entries from "Microsoft Scores ..." back to "Computer Pioneer Bob Bemer" are out there with un-updated feed entries.
  2004-09-05 NewsGator, in this case, provides notification of a new version of the entry even though none of the descriptive items are changed.  However, something that is presented to readers has changed and that seems to be a good call in this case.  I wonder about cases where there is no observable difference, though.  Looks like a new coherence case to look into.
  2004-09-05 Come back and work up X040901C as the example from Nancy White's blog.
  2004-09-05 Work up page X040901E for comparison of the feeds for the difference, and reconciliation with Atom specifications and aggregator practice.
  2004-09-05 Work up Google experience as X040901D piece of the article, so that I can notify Blogger Support as quickly as possible, using that as an example to be checked.
not done 2004-09-05 Use Blogger to find other Blogger sites and see how this problem shows up on their site feeds.  [dh: I did check a few recently-posted sites, but none had feed links on the page]
2004-09-05 Version the X040901B piece of the article.
done 2004-09-05 Create an Orcmid's Lair Impact link from X040701 as part of the analysis.
  2004-09-05 Find the current ietf-draft documents on Atom and see what they have to offer about this.
  2004-09-05 See what the Atom feed verifier does with the modified feed and the un-modified feed.
  2004-09-05 Double-check the atom 0.3 specification on what this particular link is intended to serve as.
2004-09-04 Create a simple article that refers to this incident report, and place it on Wingnut, along with updates to the status page to reflect the incident report and also the move of Wingnut to testing status.
not done 2004-09-04 Test for the cure on Spanner Wingnut by declaring a feed test related to the X040901 incident report.
2004-09-04 Provide an adequate description of the situation with before, after, the evidence in the feed, the evidence of disruption elsewhere.
  2004-09-04 Is the lag on Google creation of archive pages something that still exists and needs to be logged? [dh:2004-09-06 The question is inspired by the failure for there to be a September archive page on the Google Blog yet, although it is linked to on the default page and in the degraded feed for the most-recent entry.]
done 2004-09-04 Capture what was noticeable about the Google blog and the defective feed files
done 2004-09-04 Capture the before and after feeds on Orcmid's Lair
done 2004-09-04 Start the incident report with basic information.

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