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This folder provides Viaggio photographic images from roll F0604, begun on January 27, 2006, completed on February 10, 2006, and processed on February 14:

  1. Gull on roof across the way (during wild bird flocking in the mornings, not clear on date).
  2. 2006-02-09 Traveling to Vancouver via Amtrak from Seattle: View of Olympic peninsula over the water.
  3. Another view of the cloudscape, mountains, island, and Puget Sound waters
  4. Freighter and a ferry headed South of us
  5. Piers and mountains through the window (reflection showing)
  6. 2006-02-09 OSCMS Summit: Identity Issues, Solutions, and Implementation: Keith Grennan finding his place.  Good clear-eyed shot.
  7. Keith, speaking and gesturing.  Not bad either.
  8. Kaliya Hamlin kicking off the discussion, laptop in hand.
  9. Eve Maler pitching in.
  10. Better position of head, eyes not sharp enough?
  11. Kaliya standing: Good expression but not so sharp
  12. Boris Mann of Bryght at the session wrap-up (he's standing in on Pubcookie)
  13. Three guys chatting
  14. Eve in a discussion circle (por focus)
  15. Eve discussing (I should know who the fellow next to her is)
  16. Boris and Kaliya (lousy photo)
  17. Audience members engaging in discussion
  18. 2006-02-10: Moose Camp Starts Up.  A little fellow who is enjoying chair spinning
  19. John Anthony Hartman starts out discussing Personal Media Outlet.
  20. John standing as he goes through the prepared part of his talk (best).
  21. Another sessions participants:  around the microphone table
  22. Underexposed group of other participants
  23. Great expressions of audience members
  24. A couple (?), one looking on, another at his laptop
  25. Someone else at his laptop at the central table.  Wonder if this is Mike Tippett on NowPublic (very nice system).

Any derived images are not accessed by navigation to this folder.  They are reached by links that have been published for them in other pages.

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