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  2007-03-18 The M&M kind that I am is also useful, though it needs to be one with a proper transparency.  I didn't realize that was a consequence of how I downloaded it from the M&M site.
  2007-03-18 The readings/bibliographies qualify as sightings too.
  2007-03-18 The blogs qualify as sightings.
  2007-03-18 When I edit my webcam snaps down to something reasonable, link those from here too.
  2007-03-18 Use me with one of the cats as a sighting too. 
  2007-03-18 When I move this material into a folio with my current document-engineering structure, I will have to keep this viaggio/ one as an include page, just for continuity.  Remember to do that.
  2007-03-18 Create a blog post based on the "gaggle of Office Open XML developers" snapshot, and link to this folio.
  2007-03-18 A photo of the orchicletta is also called for.  Other materials, including the group shot and other thematic collections should be linked from here, perhaps, rather than piled up.
  2005-03-15 I want to be able to move this into a folio, but I'm not sure what to do about any references to it from other pages.  I think I'm actually all right.  Let's do it.
  2005-03-15 Add the Driver's License color version even though I don't like it all that much.
  2004-08-21 The Orcmid's Lair theme and floor plan would be a nifty thing to have here.
  2004-08-21 Get the Niagara Falls photograph that should be back in the 80's.
  2004-08-21 Find more orcmobile plates and car pictures
  2004-08-21 Recover the photograph of the orcmid T-Shirt as much as possible
  2004-08-21 Include the Sterling Templar calling card from 1994
  2004-08-13 Show the WebDAV interoperability pictures, with me in the background.
  2004-08-13 Show other sightings from Dave Winer.
done 2007-03-18 Correct the typos, some wordings, and verify all of the links from this page before I provide a deep link to it from my blog.
done 2007-03-17 Add the Rockbottom Brewery group shot and notes, as a rehearsal for a blog page with the same material.
done 2006-03-15 Add the Elizabeth Pankey sketch to the sightings.
2004-08-13 I want to do an Orcmid sightings page.

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