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  2007-02-17 W060401: There are corrections needed at the 2006/04 version
  2007-02-16 The nested index.htm and folders below this construction zone need to be tied-in properly
  2007-02-16 The construction-structure tie-ins of the subordinate folios need to be reviewed and made consistent
  2007-02-16 The construction zone image and link needs to be fixed on this page and others at this level.
  2007-02-16 We might want to look at how the construction material "you are here" is worded and linked and perhaps find something better.
  2007-02-16 Make a proper construction zone page for this section
  2007-02-16 Create a folio for the SE4E article and move the construction entries about it to the folio
  2007-02-16 Provide updated construction structure at the front porch and have these blend together properly.
  2007-02-16 Replace the index.htm page with a current correct-style for construction structure [see 2006-06-15]
  2005-12-29 Either make include pages or tombstones, as appropriate, of the Writings/W040400*.* files.
in progress 2005-12-29 Customize the material in 2004/04 to work in the new location
  2005-12-29 Redo the incident timeline as a historical progression from when the Ariane 4 Inertial Reference System (SRI) calibration unit and its software was first created.
  2005-06-15 Move older material into chronological subfolders too, and provide tombstones for anything that may have been linked from my blog or elsewhere.  (I can use Include Pages to handle some of that too.)
  2005-06-15 Review the content at the top level for proper construction zone links
  2005-06-15 Adjust the writings/index.htm to use this construction zone.  [dh:2005-06-15 Have to update it to the current styles first, to do that!]
in progress 2005-06-15 Customize W050602 and get enough for review by people I discussed this with
in progress 2005-06-15 Adjust the construction.htm to become a Construction Zone entry. [dh:2005-06-15 I did just enough to provide a link to here and announce that a transition to Construction Zone will occur]
done 2007-03-17 W040400: There is case-sensitivity breakage.  Correct the 2004/04 version to use lower-case "w" throughout and refresh accordingly.
2007-02-16 Check the hosted site for proper cross-references and whatnot
done 2007-02-16 Make a clean upload to the hosted site section
done 2007-02-16 Make a clean get latest versions to the hosted-site image
2007-02-15 Review the subfolders for correct matching of case and correct intra-site links and URLs on orcmid.com
done 2007-02-16 Reflect the changes in the version of the Writings Catalog page
done 2007-02-16 Review the construction structure and determine what is to be done here.
2007-02-15 Review this top level for correct matching of case and correct intra-site links and URLs
2005-12-29 Update W000001-log to reflect the new location if W040400 material
2005-12-29 Copy writings/W040400*.* to writings/2004/04/W040400*.* by sharing and branching in VSS (to preserve the revision history), then Recalculate Hyperlinks to make them visible in FrontPage.
done 2005-12-29 Add writings/2004 and 2004/04 to capture the Ariane 501 material for final completion and posting of something useful.
done 2005-06-15 Add W000000 and W000001 to the writings catalog, honoring the structure used for other catalogs
done 2005-06-15 Clone a 2005/06/index.htm with the construction zone here
done 2005-06-15 Clone a 2005/index.htm with the construction zone here
done 2005-06-15 Create a 2005/06 subfolder structure and start with the W050602 there.
done 2005-06-15 Add this page to make a genuine construction zone for the writings section (that's how stale this construction structure is).
0.00 2005-06-15-11:50 Setup and Build Initial Job Jar
I am moving from a flat Writings section to one with chronological organization that is easier to keep organized and work with.  Along with that, I am putting a construction zone at the Orcmid's Lair writings/ level..

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