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Identity - Not Just the Law Any More

I missed the startup of overview day at Internet Identity Workshop 2006 after spending enough time tapping my foot and looking at my watch in the car rental lot to start on my first Spring sunburn.  I did arrive in time to catch the end of Johannes Ernst’s presentation and then finally see a marvelous Sxip/DIX presentation from Dick Hardt.  Then Microsoft’s Mike Jones made a great presentation on the Seven Laws of Identity that includes a nifty segue into a thumbnail sketch of InfoCards and how it works for users.  He laid out the whole deal in 20 minutes.

{tags: Identity }

I have followed the seven laws since Kim Cameron began blogging about them.  I keep telling myself that it is time to go back and review the current status and really get them under my belt.  There are also several Microsoft Presentations on InfoCards, though I have always felt that I wasn’t getting the story.  I had never seen the laws and Infocards put together in the clean, concise way that Mike Jones presented them.  It is not that I am slowly getting it (though I am).  This latest presentation of the laws is grounded on simple examples tied to our everyday experiences of identification and identity.  The same happens with InfoCards and the clarity around what an user can experience, how they can confirm what is happening, and what they will learn to expect and be safe to rely on.

This was a perfect foundation, along with the other presentations, for going deeper and that’s exactly how it worked in the next days’ sessions. 

If you are struggling to get your head around the seven laws of identity and why InfoCards is going to be important, I recommend that you find a way to review Mike Jones’s 20–minute thumbnail.  It would be great to have the presentation as a new MSDN Webcast.  If the content can be delivered in the impromptu Channel 9 style, all the better.


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