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My feeble attempt to fix cookie paths has apparently had no effect.  The logon processes appear to work.  However, I am apparently not recognized as logged-on at Spanner Wingnut and/or the comment form simply doesn't come up.  The ceremony succeeds, but the result doesn't occur.

When I try this:


This appears to work:

And so does this:



I can see the cookies.  If I delete the cookies they reappear.  I tried republishing what I could but that makes no difference.

If I enter a bogus user name and password, I also receive the appropriate error message.  On password recovery, I notice that there is only one e-mail address on file.  It's not my usual one but it is the one that I have messages reporting Movable Type activity use.  But the full ceremony, including notification that there has been a password recovery request, works fine.  (I ignored the request, and everything works as expected.)

I can also register a new user, not with an user ID already used, and that ceremony, including e-mail confirmation, works just fine:

F10xx86-2010-05-29-1058-NewUser.pngThe common factor is that the comment form simply doesn't come up.  I am fairly certain nfoCentrale Plan B is called for: creation of cgi-bin/mt/ in all anchored sites that have Movable Type blogs.

Before enjoying the Plan B pain, I will make one more change on the off-chance that the simplest thing, however inplausible, might work.

Here's a simple change to mt-config.cgi that I should probably make anyhow:

F10xx87-2010-05-29-1110-mt-config-0.04.pngWe'll just have to see what happens.  Stay tuned. 



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