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As part of Plan B, I arranged for orcmid.com/cgi-bin/mt/ and orcmid.com/mt-static to be implemented as symbolic links to the places where those Movable Type materials are located on the web-hosting GNU/Linux account.

This required access to the account via PuTTY and operating in the command-line shell.  The resulting inspection shows the linked directories:

F10xx90-2010-05-29-1750-PuTTY-aliases.pngI also confirmed that the linked directories are accessible through their web URLs, http:orcmid.com/mt-static/ and http://orcmid.com/cgi-bin/mt/.

This did not change anything one way or the other, however.  The blogs worked as before, and comments are still not functioning on Spanner Wingnut.  That's because the Movable Type configuration has not been adjusted to reflect these modifications.  I am hoping that is all that is lacking.

To have these new locations be used from pages of blogs implemented on Orcmid's Lair (orcmid.com), I must upload yet-another modified mt-config.cgi file.  This one will restore the domain-relative use of the main paths, as follows:


We still have our fingers and toes crossed ...
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