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... Staying Afloat ...

It’s murky and I am backstroking to keep myself calm. I think there’s an island ahead where I can rest a little.

I didn’t think I’d need a wet suit. Silly boy …

This is the second confirmation post on the migration of Blogger to using the new official location for this blog.

I am having a terrible struggle with case-sensitivity on Apache and it is turning into a serious distraction. But there’s no way back. There’ll be more about that after I tend to more urgent matters. I expect that Professor von Clueless will put up the full account.

Today, Blogger can’t find the ftp site for updating my blogs, after working fine last evening. Let’s see if this one makes it through.

[update 2006-10-29-20:37Z: So far, not so good.]

[update 2006–10–30–01:26Z: All blog posts are now getting through.  See!]

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