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Facebook: The Frenzy Continues

Facebook Frenzy continues.  There are roll-outs of Facebook applications (a combination of plug-in and mash-up using the Facebook integration model).  These introductions are now being treated as product launches.

Oh, and Robert Scoble is in Facebook.  Robert's not been all that keen on these viral-invitation schemes, so his putting a toe in Facebook waters here may be as good a tipping-point confirmation as any.  Now we need to see how the two-week test works.  Will we still be active in two weeks or will this turn into the equivalent of shelf-ware: software that looked interesting but that falls into disuse rather than finding a place in our daily lives?

Here are some more links:

Meanwhile, I continue to be perturbed and put off by the walled-garden aspect.  For example, you can find me here http://www.facebook.com/p/Dennis_E_Hamilton/509693136.  But every link to anything that might be interesting is blocked by a registration/log-in panel.  For me, this is an ick.

I'm still exploring, and the most interesting take (as you might surmise from my othere posts) are Jon Udell's and others discussing Facebookizing the Web, Webifying Facebook

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