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Who Wants ODMA.com Anyhow?

Because I am the happy tenant of domain ODMA.info, I received notice today that ODMA.com is becoming available and that an auction is set up for it.   Curious about that, I learned that a minimum bid is $69 and that the current high bid is $230 as of 9 am (2008-02-06T09:00 -0800).  Since it is difficult to tell how honest this system is, I used UWhois.com to find out that Network Solutions is sitting on ODMA.com at the moment, with indication that the domain is pending renewal or deletion.  Using Aboutus.org, I learned that the current/previous tenant is apparently

ODMA.com = Optical Disk Manufacturing Association, but there is apparently no active web site

That ODMA might want to check to find out whether they let their lease run out on purpose before the February 6 auction close.

Being curious about the situation, I also discovered that

ODMA.org = Ohio Dermatalogical Managers Association, with an appealing site that is even more out of date than ODMA.info

ODMA.net = the holdings of a person/organization in Germany but there is no functioning site

So the question is, do I want to bid in a valiant effort to slowly scoop up the ODMA domains?  Why would I want to do that?  Will my participation just jack up the bidding? 

I have no idea.

Background: I have been slowly transferring domain names that I rent away from Network Solutions to another registrar that offers very nice flat rates ($12.95 per year except for orcmid.tv which costs me a bundle).  I still have some domains with Network Solutions that are pre-paid until 2011.  ODMA.info is one of them.  At the time I was looking for an ODMA domain, the ordinary .com, .org, and .net ones were not available.

So what's wrong with a .info domain? I kind of like it, especially for a site that, um, has information on it.
Oddly enough, there is something disreputable about .info domains in some circles. It doesn't bother me, but apparently there is some sort of spam-site association.

I don't particulary lust after ODMA.com, it being more of a nice-to-have and maybe, as you suggest, not even that.
Seems like if it is a nice to have, pick a ceiling for yourself and start bidding :)
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