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IIW 2007b: Internet Identity Roundup


The Second Internet Identity Workshop for 2007 (hence 2007b) will be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California starting Monday, December 3 and ending on Wednesday, December 5.

The Internet Identity Workshop is a project of the Identity Commons.  Drummond Reed has a straightforward statement of what is exciting about these workshops. 

For my third IIW participation, I am bringing questions about:

  • Making identity systems more understandable to those who will be using them
    • Understanding what the process is
    • Understanding how privacy and "identity" are protected
    • The questions to ask and the signs to look for before offering-up personal information and participating in various on-line arrangements
  • Understanding the interconnections among Information Cards (not just Card Space), OpenID and OpenID-friendly identity systems
  • Assessing the relationship of OpenID, Open Auth, Attention ML (and related services), and Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)
  • Prospects for smooth navigation and connection among multiple societies across the social grid without losing control of personal information

I'm also pleased that the conversion of Identity Commons over to a MediaWiki has happened and I can resume collecting background and tutorial material.  First, I'll move what I interrupted creating on Phil Windley's IIW Wiki.

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