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Another Lively Place for Orcmid

Thanks to some mentions in Twitter, I have found myself a lively place, a new Google property.  I need to figure out how to get the image and entrance to the room to be more impressive.  We'll see.  The name of the place is Orcmid's Lively Interoperability Zone.  Sort of like "islands of interoperability" in the Asteroid Belt.  I have no idea what I am doing here, but I can't always be a late adopter, you know?

So, does anyone remember VChat?  That seemed like a long time ago.  I think there may still be some VChat servers around.  Look at how much easier this has become?

I don't want to keep this web page open all of the time, so I will have to figure out other ways to notice when people arrive and leave and attempt to communicate here.  I also need better furniture, but you wouldn't believe the freight charges.  This makes the gas-price inflation look like pocket change.

Finally, in Windows Live Writer, this image looks terrible.  It is all pixel-blocky.  I will look at it in the blog to see if there is anything different to be done about it.  It might render more appropriately in my browser.

I also need to figure out how to get the iframe to appear in Spaces Live.  Ah hum ...

Well, if that is not going to work, how about Orcmid's Lair?  Well, yes, that seems to be better.

Hello Dad, is this like second life? I didn't quite understand it at first until I saw the image and clicked on it and it took me to a Google lively space page. It looks interesting but I think you were saying it costs a lot of money. Anyway hope things are well I don't when you will get this blog cause you wrote you hadn't figured out a way to have notification yet, talk to you soon, Doug
Hi Doug,

Lively is more like an animated chat where our avitars can move around, there can be furniture, other things.

It is free so far. It is not so computer-demanding as Second Life. I am having trouble getting it to run for me when I am not administrator, and I haven't figured that out yet. I am going to try it on my Vista laptop now, but there the graphics may not be powerful enough.
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