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“interop” Arrives, So Speaketh the Spam Gods

I have a Google Alert that brings me daily mentions of “interop” and “interoperability.”

It was a matter of curiosity when a post by Rick Jelliffe on interoperability stuck in these daily alerts for about a month.   But this homage to the Prince of Interoperability was largely because of the number of folks who reposted and reused some flavor of

Fake real-time blog from Document Interoperability Initiative 2 at ...
Can Microsoft’s idea of “document archetypes” and “interoperable
templates” be ramped up to provide a fresh new approach to both better
document interoperability and better descriptive markup?

Today, while fretting over some hair-pulling, tooth-grinding complexities of un-profiled appeal to multiple W3C specifications with inadequate explanation (and a few XML-abuse cases thrown in to make a bad situation worse), I was reminded to get a life and fulfill my duty to be happy:

JKA: 2006 Interop Las Vegas
By ojubiredoda19307
He was disgusted by 2006 interop las vegas a candle and looked in an ivory
gown and door handles were whom to harass. If you must pray rush back into
her were clinging to a command the attention, the excitement that rose like
the other ...

<URL obliterated to protect the innocent --orcmid>
ditto --orcmid>

Visiting the identified site brought up a suspicious click-fraud identification pop-up.  Ah yes, the merry pranksters of blogspot.com delight once again.

[update 2009-01-12T17:57Z: I should have realized this would be a recursive/fractal condition:

Orcmid's Lair: “interop” Arrives, So Speaketh the Spam Gods
By orcmid
“interop” Arrives, So Speaketh the Spam Gods. Technorati Tags: interop
interoperability geek_humor spam phish click_fraud Rick_Jelliffe. I have a
Google Alert that brings me daily mentions of “interop” and
“interoperability.” ...
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