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2008-08-28 -17:28 -0700

A running diary and job jar of ideas for the erudizione notes compiled under Orcmid's Lair. 




  2004-11-30 Add an MSC-PM folder and fill in enough that I can refer to it from ODMA.
  2004-11-30 Add an MSC-CC folder
done 2004-07-04 Start recording the experiments with Kitson on PGP signatures as an Erudizione note.  Do captures of the screens that I went through, also in text.
  2004-06-24 There is no need for a separate Pyymmnnx Project Structure here, as well as these Eyymmnnx items.  Merge the existing P structure with this one and tombstone that project.  Pyymmnnx remains available as a choice for /imprese  Save it for now.
done 2004-06-24 Move items from here that belong to E040200A now.
done 2004-06-24 Change E040200 to use the current structure where E040200A is the local diary page.  
  2004-06-24 Reflect the ways Blogs "version" as a fourth case in my notes on versioning schemes for Professor von Clueless.
  2004-06-24 Version this page and be prepared to roll older completed material onto an archive page.  
  2004-06-24 The first item here has made no headway. I have what I need to do it and XP SP2 will be out shortly.  I must do this at the end of MSC-SN at the latest, starting with Vicki's system.  I also need to watch destabilization of financial accounts and tax preparations if I do an upgrade of Centro first.  Keep everything visible and do a rsik management.  Move this out of Erudizione and handle it as a centrale activity.  Revoke the promise here.
  2004-06-24 Look at how I want to organize material while a course is on-going?  Or maybe just look at that as part of MSC-SN coverage.
  2004-06-24 Find the study planning material and account for my change in direction and also having dropped MSC-AT.  Include links to my NuovoDoc About as well.
  2004-06-24 Correct the study history in the program , reflecting that I dropped MSC-AT and now MSC-SN is course #7, and I'm examining MSC-PM as my final course.  (It is a good thing that I just got Project 2003, it seems.)
done 2004-06-24 Change the title style to <p>-form and make sure other aspects are consistent.  Do this for all Erudizione notes and replicate the task up the construction ladder: E000001, E000000
  2004-02-05 I have promised my classmates that I will upgrade Centro to XP during the MSC-CC course.  Create that as a project (under Centrale here) and deliver.  

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