Tiles to Kaua'i


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Tile arrives at the monastery - Wednesday, 2004 May 7

"Our Mother (mother of one of the monks) Vicky Hamilton is a master potter and ceramic artist. She made this lovely image of Lord Ganesha scribe on a tablet of clay on top of another image. It is a beautiful piece and very much conveys the inner presence of Lord Ganesha who is right there on the inside of everything. It was fired at high temperatures and has an extremely hard surface. Thank you Vicky for this beautiful work of art!"

It is difficult to photograph the tile, because of the shiny glaze and the light clay of the inscription.  It was a project that Vicki created over two years before, on her last visit to the monastery before Yogi Japendranatha began a two-year retreat excluding any contact with family.  As the retreat neared completion, creating tiles from the images that the monastery had plotted out for her became more urgent.  There were many misadventures, including the difficulty of firing such large slabs.  The next challenge was finding a way to ship the tile to the Hawaiian Islands.  Vicki wanted them to arrive while we were there, but that was not to happen.

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The photograph of Bodhinatha with the tile is from the monastery site.

Construction Shack (Hard Hat Area) 

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