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May 8, 2004, we get to see Ralph's new Mini

Vicki on a demonstration ride - Ralph, did you let her drive?

When I met Vicki, there are two things that I learned quickly.  No matter where we are on the planet, she makes friends with cats.  When driving anywhere, she is completely alert and announces "There's a Mini!" at every opportunity.  This may subside now that, thanks to BMW and a beautiful marketing approach, Minis are showing up everywhere and at all times on highways and side streets in the United States.

Ralph and Vicki owned a (classic?) Mini years ago, and he has one again.  He agrees that they are larger now, with more oomph.

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I snapped two Mini photos while at Serene Lake for a wedding.  We'd heard about Ralph's new wheels (our middle son Nat has his previous car) and finally were able to see it.

Construction Shack (Hard Hat Area) 

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