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Programming Languages - In the Beginning


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On April 29, 2006, at Seattle Mind Camp 2.0, I hosted a roundtable on Programming Languages: In the Beginning

There are some raw materials that are hooked in here until they can be organized better, edited, and stitched into something coherent.

I have also posted some photographs to Flickr.  They are tagged with both "mindcamp20" and "ProgrammingLanguages" and are under my ID, "orcmid."

I am looking for names of the participants.  The ones I have, in a sort of counter-clockwise order are

  1. Dennis E. Hamilton

  2. Nikhil

  3. David Warman

  4. Baiss Eric Magnusson

  5. Brian

  6. Jason

  7. Mike Bentley

  8. Rushabh Doshi

  9. Nancy White

  10. Jack William Bell

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I have captured materials I want to use and I will make annotated versions here before I distill them onto a blog posting.

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