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W000000 Writings Catalog current
2004-04-06 Writings Diary & Job Jar
W000001 Writings Catalog current
2000-11-26 Writings Catalog (this page)
W060401 Computer Science placeholder 2006-04-30 Programming Languages - In the Beginning
W060301 Computer Science 0.50 2006-03-13 2006-03-11 Appreciating ALGOL 60
W050602 Software Liability placeholder 2005-06-16 Fear and Trembling - Software Liability
W050601 Software Licensing 0.80 2005-12-18 2005-06-04 Microsoft's IP-Infringement Specter
W050401 Computers & Privacy placeholder 2005-04-15 Notes from ACM/CFP 2005
W050301 Credit Offers 0.00 2005-03-29 2005-03-29 Goodbye "You're Pre-Approved"
W040901  Seattle 0.00 2004-09-29 2004-09-29 Hugging the Monorail
W040400 Risks and Failures 0.10 2005-12-31 2004-04-06 Ariane 501: A Costly Risk Myth
W000800 Davis, Computability and Unsolvability updated
2000-09-13 Précis of Computability and Unsolvability
w000400 SE4E 0.11 placeholder
2000-04-08 Software Engineering for Everyone?
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I have rough notes that I will be organizing.  This is the placeholder for where I'll extend those, along with a Diary and Job Jar for organizing items.  Although the accountable-progression pattern has not been established here, I am making an ad hoc application of it.  This page will ultimately be replaced with a synopsis and table of content.

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