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Are You A Problem Witch or a Solution Witch?

ACM News Service: Security Stalls Mobile Multimedia.  This blurb makes a nice contrast between four-and-counting approaches being employed to accomplish security (including DRM) on mobile multimedia-capable devices.  It is also clear that the tension and multiplicity of approaches is being fought out in the solution space.  The dominant agendas there may have little to do with how we look at it from the problem space where we operate as users of these devices.

Junko Yoshida’s 2005-04-25 EE Times article provides a lenghty and clear navigation of the many layers involved, with emphasis on how much this is in the hands of content providers, service operators, and device manufacturers (and software developers). We get to vote last and, unfortunately, with our feet, thumbs, and eyeballs.  All we’ll know is what our experience with the systems turn out to be.  Nothing new, I guess.

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