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TiddlyWiki: Ohmygosh, I'm in Love.

TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebookTed Leung just altered my life.  What have I been craving, praying for, putting off, and living miserably without he just ushered into my hands, along with a dose of GTD the TiddlyWiki Way too. “All your tasks are belong to you” indeed.

Here it is, a micro-content blog/wiki/hyper-thingie and my very favorite list of requirements:

  • Completely Dis-intermediated – it runs in a web page anywhere a browser can use it
  • Completely lightweight – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – the whole thing is built in a single web page; There’s even Wiki on a [USB] Stick.  Criminetlies.
  • Pure Web information model: no database engines, no server requirement, permanent publishable formats. Is it REST, is it AJAX?  I dunno but I’m gonna love it.
  • My favorite open-source license: BSD – essential for operating in mixed company without guilt
  • The only “platform-dependence” seems to be the ability to have a hierarchical file/URL system and an appropriately-standards-compliant browser. 
  • There is a server-side version, and I really need to find out about that.
    • One, TiddlyWikiRemote, publishes to a server-side into an RSS feed!
    • Aasted Sorenson’s MyWiki experiment does server side into a file, and provides user login
    • IEWiki is bent to be specific to Internet Explorer and it lives as a Windows .hta file on a local machine – verrrry interessssting.
  • It’s kinda purty too.  Cool way of showing history.  Tastes great. Less filling.

OK Ted, here’s the deal.  I know cats are a problem and Vicki would really like to spend time with Julie and the kids so how about we bring dinner to you?  We love Bainbridge Island anyhow.  I figure August.  I owe you, guy.

I shall now lapse into a fit of weeping incoherence.  Ah, be there baby.  Be there for poppa. Make my dreams come true.  OK, deep breath. Right click for download, right?

I wonder how it works with WebDAV or, dare I speak the incantation, FrontPage Extensions?
Could this be a way of operating my content off of a CD-ROM without installing or preempting a local web server?
Be still my pulse-throbbing brain ...

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