Hello World

Welcome to Hexo! This is the very first post, provided by Hexo to demonstrate correct installation of an authoring folder and related software. This page may update automatically from time to time as changes in style and other customizations are introduced. It remains here as the first Hexo-produced wingnut post despite the occasional update.

This preface is added to explain the unique status of this page. Experiments with this Spanner Wingnut blog confirm features and styling before introducing them to other blogs in the nfoCentrale family.

For more information about these activities, see About.

Dennis E. Hamilton, 2017-11-12
update 2017-11-13 to relocate About folder to hexo-about/.
update 2017-11-17 to have About link in page headers.
update 2017-12-03 to retrofit categories/tags and format improvements so far.

Check documentation for more info. If you have any problems when using Hexo, check the troubleshooting tips. You can also report any issues on GitHub.

Quick Start

Create a new post

$ hexo new "My New Post"

More info: Writing

Run server

$ hexo server

More info: Server

Generate static files

$ hexo generate

More info: Generating

Deploy to remote sites

$ hexo deploy

More info: Deployment