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Meme Meming and the Loneliness of the Desparate Meme Tracker

Acephalous: Measuring The Speed of Meme: An Experiment in which You Will Participate, Or Else....  Scott Eric Kaufman is doing something amazingly superficial and scientifically unbecoming: Fabricating a nameless meme via social engineering.  Hey, Scott, when you have to beg for links to build your data, that’s not a meme.  So here’s a meme for you: “pimping memes.”

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But then, thinking that punctuated equilibrium is a philosophical question is probably not the first misstep down this particular slippery slope.

Thanks to Charles Petzold, who is wearied by his latest adventures with spam (I’m with you on that, Charles), I now get to point out how stupid this seems to me.  You too can pile into the stupid space by going to Scott’s page and creating more distorted, anti-scientific data for him to present to a group of vaguely-social scientists.  I wonder what Daniel Dennett will have to say about that (apart from pointing out that he wasn’t rebutting punctuated equilibrium: read more slowly Scott).

And I wonder when Scott will tell us what the real experiment is.  Or link to the MLA panel that he has in mind (or is “Modern Language Association” really that big of a meme pretender?). 

Just remember, “I lie on phone surveys.” 

And the funniest part: There’s no meme there.  “Ichabod Crane,” now there’s a near-timely meme.

OK, that’s enough for this gig.  Meme me up Scotty.  Strike the set, we’re outa here.

This space is intentionally very tiny.  This is for Technorati’s benefit.  There’s nothing to see here.  Move along.  Oh, another meme.  Jeepers. 

Just stumbled across here going through my data, and I think you may have missed the point, as Scott McLemee pointed out on Crooked Timber. Also, I didn't treat the cranes/skyhooks discussion philosophically but analogically. And the MLA isn't a social-science body, as the link to the panel already included in the original post indicates. Thank you, though, for the methodological slam.
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