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Don Ferguson: Near Death Experience

I’m putting the Release Candidate of RssBandit 1.5 through its paces and my “Update All Feeds” brings me Near Death Experience from September 2005.  I am not sure why this particular blog article was refetched by RssBandit.  It might be part of the random time-machine feature of the aggregator or the web site.

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This was long before the January 2007 news that Don Ferguson has moved to Microsoft.  Shortly after that became public, there was some blogosphere griping about how IBM-site blogs of alums tend to be removed.

The masthead over the September 2005 article does point out that “Dr. Ferguson is no longer an employee of IBM,” as does the front page of that blog, with its last entry dated September 22, 2006 (one year later, which I didn’t cotton to on first look).  So far, Don’s blog is still proudly hosted at IBM developerWorks, although he is not listed in the directory of IBM bloggers.  Fair enough.

I subscribed to Don Ferguson’s blog because of his architectural perspective, and I look forward to reading any blog he takes up elsewhere now that IBM developerWorks is no longer a haven for his postings.  His past postings are also a treasure and it honors IBM and Don’s contribution there to have preserved them.

Ferguson was also an ecumenical participant in the Web Services work jointly sponsored by IBM and Microsoft.  It’s not unnatural to see him want to deepen that contribution in some way where he finds Microsoft a suitable home. 

I wonder.  Did he think he needed that Black Belt before signing on at Redmond or to remain on at IBM?

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