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Geek Dinner with Jon Udell: Thursday, January 18, 7pm, Bellevue Crossroads Mall

This event is cancelled.

There’s a
Seattle Podcasting Network Meetup at the same time and this is a far better venue to hobnob with Jon Udell and local-area podcasters and luminaries.

For other Geek Dinner possibilities with Jon,
check his blog.

Jon Udell is at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus for the week of January 15.  He’s beginning his new job with Jeff Sandquist and the Channel 9/on10 technology-evangelism folk.

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There will be an open Geek Dinner (you invite yourself) at the Bellevue Crossroads Mall,  7 pm Thursday, January 18.  There’s a food court for your own preferences and tables and chairs down the central hall.  Look for people with geek kits (laptops, too many electronic devices, etc.) who’ve self-organized themselves into a discussion and dinner group. We’ll also be looking for spots not too close to the musical entertainment.

I’ll be the white-haired fellow who still puts film in his camera.  I’ll also be trying out the free Wi-Fi with my Tablet PC.

:( Unfortunately this is at the same time as the Seattle podcasters meetup at Microsoft studios. Hopefully Jon will still be around when the meetup ends
I don't understand the implications of the preceding comment. I presume there is some conflict for Jon's time.

The problem with a public invitation of the kind I've made here is that it is very difficult to ammend or cancel. Since this is definitely a long-tail blog, I can't count on people learning of any change.

I see myself as on the hook to be there for a reasonable time (7pm - 9pm) in order to provide some contact for attendees, whoever they are, whether or not Jon is able to arrive or not.

I must find a better way to promote events like this, since it takes concerted effort to be there and I have no other purpose for being this far from home.
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