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Integration of Composite Applications

IntelligentEnterprise : When to Buy, When to Build: Six Steps Toward Composite Apps.  This David Linthicum article was featured on Yahoo! but the sections were merged together in the wrong order.  I found the original source:

Services-oriented architecture, SOA-standard interfaces, SaaS applications and Internet-delivered services are opening up new options to mix, match and mash up internal, off-the-shelf and on-demand offerings into composite applications. The goal is to quickly respond to changing business requirements by taking advantage of ready-made components that fill gaps in applications. But how do you know when to buy and when to build? Here's a six-step approach to making the right choice.

Although SOA and SaaS discussion is mainly targeted at enterprise computing, there is a harmony here with the idea of interoperability as an enabler of collaboration, even if it is enterprise-to-enterprise and collaboration of service providers in the delivery of organization IT functions.  I clipped this because it exposes another dimension of interoperability with regard to construction of internal enterprise application software and services.  It looks like another place for a flavor of Facebookization.

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