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Friday Cat Pictures: More Heat Please!

Now that I have rearranged my work area, the heat-seeking obsessions of cats are more evident.

Askani hugging the hub for warmth Her Highness, the Dowager Empress, Askani, is rarely photographed.  She sleeps a lot, often next to a heat vent where the gentle warm breeze warms her face and flank. 

On visiting my office, Askani will find one of the two flat warm surfaces.  If I am somewhere napping, she will find me and pin down one of my shoulders and snore in my ear (the two younger cats having already claimed other parts of my anatomy).

Not seeing her preferred spot available available, she parks atop her second choice, my LAN expansion hub. 

Wherever there is warmth, Askani will find it. 

I first noticed this when I was recovering from having my gall bladder removed.  In the first days of recovery, Askani would lie on my comforter along my healing flank.  I credited some mystic Florence Nightingale instinct of cats for ailing humans.  Once I stopped taking the Vicodin, it dawned on me that this was a warmer part of my body and the cat sought out the heat.  I am sticking to that hypothesis.

If, on the other hand, she is attempting to park on my Wi-Fi access point, the imagined scowl is probably because I don’t know the WPA key, even under telepathic interrogation.
Princess warming the audio dock Princess Psyche, Askani’s young cousin (they were born a continent apart), claims the  newly-popular primary warm spot atop my audio dock.  Askani, when she gets here first, covers it completely and finds my clever headset-hanger arrangement a bit annoying.

Askani has not shown any tendency to gnaw on the headset, although I have numerous pairs of glasses with pitted earpads.  It is a greater risk that this 14-year-old kitten will decide to attack the cord and sever or short the connection. 

I recently thought the cats had murdered the USB adapter-cable that I keep attached to my computer for synchronizing my camera and my Mobile PC phone.  I thought my phone was dead because the cord had been messed up.  I forgot that I had powered-down the phone while at the movies and hadn’t powered it back up.

The remaining hot spot is atop my battery-backup UPS unit next to my desktop tower.  This is the haunt of Prince Teh Amor although the other two have been sighted there.  Teh normally faces the window instead of into the room, and he’ll hop up onto the computer tower, and even the window frame, if he senses something compelling outside.


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