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Friday Cat Picture: Hide-and-Seek Fail

I Hide You Find MeFourteen-year-old Teh Amor is inclined to sit on the edge of the bath tub in solitude between the decorative shower-curtain and the internal liner.  Even then there can be evidence of his tail, and he’s not always very quiet about his presence.

The other day he demonstrated another version, simply parking on the floor behind the shower curtain in front of the bath tub.  He appears to be waiting to be discovered.

We have no idea what this is about and what it provides, if anything, in the ordinary life of a cat, or of those cats who have never lived anywhere but in a human household.

This reminds me of the other curious behavior of our cats, especially Askani, who will crouch nosed into a corner with their back to everything happening in the room.

At the moment, Teh is running up and down the stairs and around my office as if he is chasing something.  He just jumped onto my office chair, ran across my shoulders, and climbed onto my computer tower where he can look out the window.  He lept onto the narrow window sill and is looking outside as if he is expecting something to appear.

Now he’s sitting on top of the open spiral notebook on my desk surface watching my fingers typing down at the keyboard tray.   Oh, he put his paw down on the space bar and I had to back out that text.

I have no idea if this is anything like entertaining for the cat.  It certainly is for me.  Just so long as Teh doesn’t decide to take a bite out of my wrist as I move the computer mouse on the desk surface.


My younger cat developed a hide-and-seek game using the bathtub as her hiding place. She will spy on me as I use the facilities (sans tub), and hunker down if I look at her. When I hunker down outside of the tub, we wait a few seconds, then rise up to look at each other over the side. If we both come up at the same time, it is very funny. Sometimes Lightning tries to swat me, and sometimes she jumps out of the tub onto my back.
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