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Let It Rain, Let It Rain …

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[Update 2009-06-19-08:47 –0700 (pdt) Let this be the end of silliness about rain-free-days records.  There was a steady though light rain overnight.  This morning at 07:15 the streets and grounds were wet except inside the drip line of some heavily foliaged trees.  The rain has changed from light sprinkle to mist now, with the morning temperature just crossing 60F (15C).  The forecast is for occasional light rain through Sunday, 06-21.  This may not assuage the agricultural concerns.]

[Update 2009-06-19-01:54Z I got it all wrong.  The first paragraph has been corrected based on information from King5.com for 2009-06-18.]

As of some time overnight on June 17-18, we had officially gone 29 consecutive days without rain, breaking tying the May-June 1951 1982 record for such events.  [The longest dry spell is the 51 July-August days in 1951.]  For some reason, a local television station news team thinks that is exciting.  Not at summer water rates and what it costs to sprinkle a lawn to keep it from going dormant, the dry-weather response here.  Of course, in brushlands and forests there is even more to be concerned about.

The rainfall that we drove through yesterday afternoon did not count.  The test is weather or not a sensor at the Seattle-Tacoma airport detects measurable rainfall.   This shower we ran into was while driving on the I-90 floating bridge toward its connection with I-405 and our continuation North to Bothell, Washington.  The rain did manage to make drivers nervous, apparently because most knew the roadway can be dangerously slippery when wetted for the first time after a long dry period and accumulation of surface oils and greases. 

Cloudbursts and lightning strikes in the mountains to our West and East also don’t count as an end to our dry spell.  (Can you say “forest fire?”  Sure you can.)

Now, how the heck will we convince tourists and other visitors to stay away because they think the sun never shines in Seattle?


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