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2008-08-28 -17:22 -0700

A running diary and job jar for the Peano Number package development. 




  2004-12-02 This also applies to JavaDoc material and information on packages.  There should be something else.
  2004-12-02 There needs to be a link to this at the top.  Perhaps there should be a catalog of packages that can be found without navigating the tree.
  2004-10-11 I am thinking about having pn.Num be derived from java.lang.Comparable and then wondering what happens for objects with regard to equals and comparedTo.  It would be interesting to understand the default behavior if nothing is provided, and what that means.
  2004-09-18 I need a better way for reference into sections of the Java2 language specification.  It would be great to figure out something here.  I also just figured out how to handle local versus global resolution of references to material with Asp and JavaScripts and need to capture that somehow.  Whoa: Closures in HTTP/HTML! Wowza.
  2004-09-15 Technically, these projects are split.  The development of Num 1.0 is for the interface and its confirmation.   Then there are different classes and applications done with it, some of which are provided as part of the reference material.  Also, we need to be looking at versions and production of package, since Num is just a component of that package.  So I do envision this as a software-engineered project at some point.  Interesting.
  2004-09-15 In some sense, Astraendo provides a problem space for which this is a solution in a solution space.  So the requirements should come from Astraendo/pn.  At least the abstract functionality requirement.  They are cited in the project requirements here, and there must be both a trace to those and there must be a demonstration how those requirements are satisfied.  Technically, those should be laid down in advance, but we are going to evolve them.
  2004-09-15 Don't forget to tie these to Church Numerals (and the Ob Numerals) some day.
  2004-09-15 Peano Numerals work with BrookShear's Register Machine.  How about that?!  What took me so long to notice that?  Probably because I think of the problem with regard to representations of Church Numerals?  That is very much yet-another-different Peano Numeral, which will be fun to get into some day.
  2004-09-15 To make this be a project, we need to have a goal, which should be Num 1.00.  Then we can do a progression to that.
  2004-09-15 We need a requirements for this and we need a a project page like a project we have done elsewhere.  The requirements are unusual in that the project is itself the project, and the process is part of what we want to reveal along with what is revealed about Java.
  2004-09-15 In creating the work items, we need to tie to material below and to sideways from here.
done in ALPHA
2004-09-15 Create Project Work Items Here for making Num 0.10 ALPHA module and connect.
done 2004-06-12 Review the pages here and consistently use Peano Numerals as the topic and project title
2004-06-12 Create subprojects in ALPHA and link to it from here.
done 2004-06-12 Provide simple project page for now.
2004-05-27 Add Project skeleton for Annotated Peano Numbers.

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