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Microsoft's IP-Infringement Specter


0.80 2022-05-06 -16:35 -0700

The introduction of the Microsoft Office Open XML formats and the XML Reference Schema license is reviewed and a variety of the aspects analyzed from the perspective of my personal interest in the document-management implications.  There is also contrasting with the development of the Oasis Open Document Format.

0.80 2005-12-18-21:57 Introduce separate version for incremental changes as OOX moves toward availability and standardization
Continue updating the links as edits occur, holding this version until something more substantial happens.
0.75 2005-12-06-21:18 Connect Analysis for how to adopt and support the formats
0.65 2005-11-29-13:29 Reflect the Intention to Submit Office XML to ECMA
OK, there's more reason to update the table as the saga continues.  I am still putting the constructive efforts elsewhere, and simply updating this analysis as events require.  This version can then be replaced by an affirmative roadmap for adoption of open formats.
0.50 2005-10-11-10:42 Upgrade to Newer Comparisons
The Analysis 0.50 refines the original and replaces Analysis 0.30 as the latest.  It is unlikely that there will be further refinements.  The topic is being addressed more broadly at a general level under the TROST project.   The material here will be updated only if it is desirable as an example of particular cases, perhaps with regard to ActiveODMA provisions for OASIS Open Document Format and/or the Microsoft Open Office XML and Open Packaging Conventions approaches.
0.10 2005-10-07-18:34 Move to Canonical Location
The material is moved to writings/2005/06 and the previous pages are preserved for past-bookmark-preservation by including these pages there.
0.00 2005-06-04-15:00 Create Placeholder
I have rough notes that I will be organizing.  This is the placeholder for where I'll extend those, along with a Diary and Job Jar for organizing items.  Although the accountable-progression pattern has not been established here, I am making an ad hoc application of it.  This page will ultimately be replaced with a synopsis and table of content.

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