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  2007-02-22 W050601h: Once I have this where I want it, move it to a NuovoDoc analysis and continue it there.
  2007-02-22 W050601h: Made a version that recognizes ISO ODF and ECMA-376, ODF 1.1.  Re-address conformance and compliance and under-specification. 
  2005-11-24 Finally, there is a blog post called for on the IP aspects of software that processes standard formats, and the ways the Royalty-free licenses and the covenants (Sun's or Microsoft's) are claimed to work by their authors.
  2005-11-24 There is a blog post called for about the stability and non-confusion of specifications for standards and how none of those specifications are open-sourced in any way shape or form.  We also need to consider objects created in accordance with the specifications (e.g., something in a format that conforms to the specification).  I am not sure this is a single or a separate one.
  2005-11-23 In the cover-page essay, include my angst and the related matters so the analysis can be more direct
  2005-11-22 Change the cover page to reflect 0.75 and also add an essay about my take on this in terms of how I propose to follow along and maybe learn to apply OOX in future work, based on staging.
  2005-10-08 Scrub as many work items as possible here for the 0.50 0.75 update.  Then move items to the TROST coverage of intellectual property and tie back here as needed.
  2005-06-15 The Software-Patent Miasma needs to be contrasted with the copyright situation. The fact that software is fixed in tangible form (close enough) and is basically distributed by printing press makes the patent infringement case very difficult to deal with.  It's not clear how one knows to show that a piece of code or its application is covered by a patent claim, and this really messes with the way we learn to write good software from other people's work.  It is valuable to point out that we did quite well before software patents were allowed, and trade-secret protection (because it only covers actual misappropriation, not chance discovery) worked fine.  Proof of trade-secret theft is often undertaken the same way as demonstration of copyright infringement.  Lots to think about. [dh:2005-10-07 My blog post, Consigning Software Patents to the Turing Tar Pit touches on this.]
  2005-06-05 Capture the business of maintaining these cross-links under a performance pattern in TROSTing. Remember that failure modes and threat analysis are to be identifiable in association with such patterns too.
  2005-06-05 Find a disclosure journal somewhere, see what can be found.
  2005-06-05 Find that effort that has been created to identify patents that may apply to open-source techniques in Linux
done 2007-02-22 W050601: Correct the link to w050601b (and see that it sticks!)
done 2005-12-23 Add two older links to the list of see-alsos.
done 0.81 2005-12-19 Incorporate Ecma TC45 information and reflect conformance approach in the table.  Update to version 0.81 and reflect that in 0.75 and the folio cover.
done 0.80 2005-12-18 When 0.80 is ready, stitch it in as the successor of 0.75 and make 0.80 the latest.
done 0.80 2005-12-18 For 0.80 add additional blog entries in the "See also:"
done 0.80 2005-12-18 For 0.80 blend in the additional statement from Microsoft following acceptance of the proposal to initiate an ECMA TC.
done 0.80 2005-12-18 For 0.80 review to see how to simplify by appealing to the NuovoDoc ODMlicensing commitment.  Maybe it should refer here too.
done 0.75
2005-11-28 After 0.75 is posted, split this diary and siphon the completed items to an 0.75 archive of this page.
done 2005-06-04 Customize initial pages for W050601 and this diary.
0.80 2005-12-18-19:58 Begin further improvements
Continue making editorial adjustments and clean-ups on a new version of the page.
0.75 2005-12-18-19:56 Complete all Work Items and Reviews to finalize 0.75 version
0.65 2005-11-30-19:56 Complete all Work Items through 0.65 Update
0.50 2005-10-11-12:11 Complete all Work Items through the 0.50 Update
The 0.50 comparison of the current royalty-free license conditions will cap off most of the items here.  Post the completed stage and then tie things together with the blog posts.
0.10 2005-10-07-19:48 Move to Canonical Location
The material is transferred to orcmid/writings/2005/06 for further development in the canonical location. 
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