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Video Notes: Orcmid's Flying Kyte

I want to become comfortable making screencasts and other video-based presentations.  I just found water wings for moving in that direction via live recording from my webcam.

What may be even scarier than my initial content is the fact that I tipped-over into trying this because of posts on Facebook.  Are you ready for this?

I have more to say about this.  First, I want to make a five-minute post out of this and see how it ends up on my blog and especially in my Atom Feed.  Then I may record a new Video Note in honor of this occasion.  Or maybe not.

[update: 2007-06-28-10:00 I found the permalink for Fiddling About #3 and added it to the note below.
 update: 2007-06-20T00:34Z The video note, Fiddling About #3, was created in honor of this post.  The post was made first, then the Video Note was created.  I'm no longer in my pajamas.  I learned that the embedded video player does not render in my feed aggregator; there is simply a small blank paragraph on the page.  I've observed this in other feeds where there are video clips in the actual page.  I will see if I can draw a border, at least, so those who receive my blog feed can determine that there is an insertion that may not be visible for them.]

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