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Democracy 2007: The First American Civil War

I am struck by how chaotic, turbulent, and unpredictable was the conduct of the Revolutionary War.  It also impacted civilians who were compelled to demonstrate allegiance to one cause or the other and who could find themselves in dire circumstances depending on the ebb and flow of the forces and of control of the region in which they found themselves.  These and other features are illuminated in President Jimmy Carter's 2003 novel, The Hornet's Nest

Video: orcmid.tv Democracy 2007: The First American Civil War

I recommend the book for its compassionate view of the impact of the insurgencies, civil war, and revolutionary efforts on ordinary colonists as well as the irregular fighters and trained forces of the different sides.  The Revolutionary War took almost ten years, with rebellions, insurgencies, border disputes, and other problems continuing for the next 50 years.  The seeds of the 19th century American Civil War were already sown.

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As part of my continuing experimentation on video quality and technique, the current video was captured off-line and then edited in Windows Movie Maker.  The individual clips were cleaned up and shortened until the estimated file size was under 100MB without any loss of resolution or capture quality.  This was enough to ensure upload to SoapBox.  The titles and credits, including the opening newspaper visual, were all introduced using Movie Maker features.  Following successful upload to Soapbox, a new WMV resampled to an estimated 50MB was then derived and uploaded to kyte.tv.  (That accounts for the dramatic differences in quality along with the additional losses introduced at kyte.tv for that version.)

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